Lindsey Philpott is "The Knot Guy"

Knotting Artist:  Form and Function

 Lindsey has shown his hand at creating an art form in and from lines of all kinds:

  1. Sailors Knots and Knot Boards

  2. Fender Making

  3. Canvas Work

  4. Leather Work

  5. Chinese Decorative Knotting

Line presents all kinds of opportunities for creativity, and Lindsey has followed his heart in seeking out the artistry in the function of the line.


Lindsey tied the knots to complete an artist's work in a gallery in Marina del Rey:  A mile of line.



Making fenders for the Restored 1898 Tug Boat Katadhin


Canvas Work:  The Sailor's Ditty Bag


Wheel Coverings in Leather


Chinese Decorative Knotting


Working on the next project:  A bell rope?


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