Lindsey Philpott is "The Knot Guy"


Lindsey’s wife, Kim, insists that the word should be exhibitionist and not exhibitor when describing his flair for attracting an audience.  Every year since 1997 he has been a regular part of the IGKT Pacific Americas Branch demonstration crew, taking the Branch collection of knots to various venues in California, Texas, Washington state,  Massachusetts, and England. 

The annual festivals where he regularly exhibits and demonstrates knotting are:

  1. Los Angeles Tall Ships Festival

  2. Toshiba Tallships Festival, Dana Point

  3. Dana Point Whale Festival

  4. Eco-Fair Festival, Culver City

  5. Autumn Seafest in Cabrillo, California

Seattle, Washington 2005

Rockport, Texas 2001

Museum of Natural History, LA, Califormia 2002

A flair for the dramatic.  Brig Pilgrim's Kangaroo Kourt



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