Lindsey Philpott is "The Knot Guy"

Forensic Knotting Expert:  ... a little CSI

Lindsey has given testimony as an expert in cases involving rigging, suicide with bedsheets and left-handed tying, to name a few.  Forensic knotting analysis is called upon and is sometimes the only solution to bring a criminal to justice.  Cases with which he has been involved  include the Jon-Benet Ramsey case, a murder and dismemberment in Riverside County, a double homicide in Florida, a hanging in downtown Los Angeles and a purported suicide in Contra Costa County.

When crimes or misdemeanors are committed using line, whether it be small stuff or heavy lines, the criminal is usually only able to perform what he or she has learned in their past life, eschewing the unusual or esoteric for the practical.    Lindsey is aware of at least 250 knots off the top of his head and can find among his reference material just about every knot known worldwide.

Lindsey’s expertise in this area is one that he enjoys because of the puzzle it frequently represents. 



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