Lindsey Philpott is "The Knot Guy"

Tall-Ship Sailor; 100-ton USCG License, sailing, towing and radio operator endorsements

Sailing tallships has more to do with feeling your way through an unlit room in the dark, using your sense of smell, hearing and touch on the helm than it does the learning of texts from sailors of old.  To experience the wind’s kick on the wheel, to sense the swell as the ship rolls under your feet, to hear the rigging howl as the wind builds in the rigging – these are the skills that Lindsey knows and trusts.  To sail any ship requires knowledge of the wind, the waves and the weather and not to ignore the signs that all are giving.  To sail a tall ship requires all one’s knowledge from sailing a small ship, translated into the size and majesty that a tall ship demands.  Lindsey holds a 100-ton license from the US Coastguard as a Master/Mate and regularly sails with tall ships from ASTA’s considerable following on the West coast of the US.  He is second mate aboard the brig “Pilgrim” in Dana Point and has been the Chief Rigger in Los Angeles Maritime Institute’s Topsail program.



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