Lindsey Philpott is "The Knot Guy"

Speaker and Teacher: Knotting, Rigging, and Sailing

Lindsey is an exceptional speaker and particularly in his area of passion - knotting and rigging. Lindsey is a regular speaker and teacher in Southern California. Lindsey teaches people studying for their Captain’s license the full requirements from navigation and weather prediction, to Rules of the Road and his specialty, marlinespike seamanship and rigging. 

Classes and lectures have included Rigging 101: The parts and pieces of square-rigged ships' rigging; Eleven Essential Knots,   How to Tie Fifty Favorite Knots,  Knotting, Splicing and Marlinespike Seamanship for Ratings from Deckhand to Bosun's Mate, Captain's License Certification, Sailing and Cruising, Decorative Knotting, Fancy Knot Work.

Venues have included: Orange Coast College, Newport Beach; Ocean Institute, Dana Point; Los Angeles Maritime Institute, San Pedro; Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach; Ship's Store, Marina del Rey; Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle; and at various Scout Troops and Yacht Clubs. 

Whenever he sails, he is frequently seen teaching children and adults  how to tie a Monkey’s Fist or a Turk’s Head.

Current classes: Orange Coast College



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